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Charles Lindbergh - 18 month old Charles Lindbergh was the son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh of East Amwell, NJ.  The baby went missing on March 1st, 1932 and was found dead a short distance from their home, on May 12th, 1932. It is said that the baby died of a massive skull fracture. Bruno Richard Hauptmann was charged with the killing and was found guilty of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death by electric chair on April 3rd, 1936 at 8:44. His trial was run from January 2nd to February 13th, 1935. It all started when (on March 1st) Betty Gow, nurse and maid for the Lindbergh’s put the baby in his crib for the night (8:00 p.m.). At 10:00 p.m., Gow checked on the baby and saw that he wasn’t in his crib. When going down stairs, she told Mr. and Mrs. Lindbergh that the baby was missing.  They ran to investigate. In the room they found an envelope on the radiator. The Lindbergh’s attorney and  the police were there within 30 minutes. The found a ladder in the near by bushes. They called in fingerprint artists and found over 400 fingerprints and footprints. When settling down and reading the envelope, they found this is what it read:
“Dear Sir!
Have 50,000$ redy 25,000$ in
20$ bills 15,000$ in 10$ bills and
10,000$ in 5$ bills After 2–4 days
we will inform you were to deliver
the mony.
We warn you for making
anyding public or for notify the Police
The child is in gut care.
Indication for all letters are
and three holes.”
This kidnapping news spread quickly thus causing people to come forward to provide help with such people as news reporters, Al Capone (who was in prison at the time), and even President Hoover declared that he would move heaven and earth to help find the baby. Within days of the kidnapping nine more ransom letters were sent to the Lindbergh’s and each time the price went up. The last one being 100,000 dollars. When delivering the money Mr. Lindbergh was told that his son was in the port and on a boat called  THE NELLY. When he went to the boat, his son was not there - the ransom letter was fake. On May 12th, 1932 a man in a truck pulled in approximately 4.5 miles away from the Lindbergh’s home and found the corpse of a baby, the Lindbergh baby. After investigating with the new leads it was said that it could have been an inside job. All the eyes were on Violet Sharp who was a housemaid for the family (she committed suicide on June 20th).  Later on, the crime fell on Bruno and he was found guilty because of the evidence against him.  He pleaded innocent till his death. This was the case of the century.
Lizzy Borden - Lizzy Borden was born on July 19th, 1860, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Lizzy Borden was accused of killing her father, Andrew, and her step mother, Abby. It is said that she had done this because she was upset, along with her sister, that her father dropped their inheritance for his new wife, Abby. It all started on August 4th, 1892 at 9:00, when Lizzy’s step mother was murdered, while making the beds in the upstairs room. Then it proceeded at 10:30, when her father was killed while sleeping on the sofa. They were both killed with hatchets. At 11:15 Bridget, Lizzy’s sister heard her scream that her parents were murdered and called for neighbors. Lizzy said that she was in the barn. There Uncle John, who was coming home from lunch was the first suspect. But not long after in 1893, Lizzy was arrested for both murders, but there was not enough evidence against her for the final arrest.  She ended up getting half her fathers estate and bought a mansion for her and her sister, Emma. Emma ended up leaving and never talking to Lizzy again.
Ted Bundy -  Ted lived a rather normal childhood until he got to High School. Once in High School he started shop lifting and was fascinated by sex crimes. Ted Bundy moved around, but decided to take a trip back to his home town of Burlington, Vermont where he had found out that his mother was really his sister. He became a domineering man and went into Law school. Once there he tracked down the first love of his life Stephanie Brooks, and proposed to her. She accepted. Finally, he broke it off once again, and went on a homicide rampage for three years. After years of following him and his homicides it is possible that his first killing was a girl named Karen Sparks when he was fourteen. His next victim was Lynda Ann Healy which took place on July 31st, 1974, followed by eighteen more murders. He was electrocuted with over 2,000 volts. He killed his victims by knocking them unconscious and then wrapping them up and carrying them off and beating them to death. He is often known as the Campus Killer and also is known for pretending to have a broken arm and asking girls to carry his books to his car.
Zodiac Killer (movie Zodiac) - One of the scariest and strangest murderers of all time was the Zodiac killer. The Zodiac killer’s era was from December 1068 through October 1969, in Northern California. He used a series of letters with cryptic codes which he sent to the press and other publishers. During the Zodiac's crazed movement as many as 37 people could have been killed by him/her. Although, there was only seven that were confirmed. The first two victims were Ferrin and Mageau. This took place on July 4th, 1069. What they thought was a cop pulled up and fired at them. Both were alive but one died on the way to the hospital. Luckily, Mageau lived long enough to give a description. At 12:40 a.m. a man called the police office and said he was the culprit of a double murder. They traced it to a phone booth, but nothing was ever made from this. Then on August 1st, 1969 the first letter by the Zodiac was sent to three newspapers.  He demanded that the letters be published on the front page of the paper by Friday or he would kill dozens. Again on August 4th, 1969 the second letter came reading, Dear editor this is the Zodiac speaking. . 
later on a high school teacher and his wife decoded it and it read. . .
(The last 18 letters could not be made into a word. Although they did rearrange them to spell “Robert Emmet the Hippie.")
Reading and doing research there isn’t much more to the Zodiac. He continued to kill, call the police department various times, and demanded that his letters be posted in the paper each time he sent some. After awhile he started to keep track of his killings and the Police Departments leads by signing his letters, "=12. SFPD=0". Out of everything I have been reading and researching the Zodiac has been one of the most interesting. A case a psychic would dream about.
Helter Skelter / Charles Manson -  Charles Manson got the name Helter Skelter because this was the name of the war he predicted between blacks and whites. Strangely enough he got the idea of war between whites and blacks, by as he claims, “interpreting the Beatles songs. He thought that the Beatles got into his spirit and soul to find the truth. In the summer of 1969 he told his followers, who he called “Family, (later became known as Manson Family)” that Helter Skelter was ready to happen, and they were going to start out his first set of murders. The strange thing was that they choose people that the Manson family knew and started the killing. There were four main brothers, who were above the others, that took control of the murders but many participated. When done they would right Pig on the doors. The trial of Manson and brothers started in June 15th, 1970 and he was charged with seven counts of murder and one conspiracy. He showed up in court later on with an X carved on his forehead. Before going to jail, with the death sentence on him, he shaved his head and made his beard fork and said “I am the Devil.” In 1972 the Death Sentence was not allowed so Manson still resides in jail. 
Jack the Ripper - It was 1888 when Jack the Ripper started to walk the streets of London, not as any other man but as a strangler. Jack the Ripper only killed woman, he did this by strangling them and slowly watching them die. It is said that Jack the Ripper killed five woman but it is said as many as seven were possibly killed.  Then, again with the letters, Jack sent, a letter to the local police department, which was signed "Jack the Ripper". Following this he killed two woman in one hour. Including the famous Elizabeth Stride. On October 16th, 1888 the police department got another letter but not like the one before - this one contained half a kidney. Jack the Ripper had a hatred for woman and thus he killed them. The true Jack the Ripper was never found.
Ed Gein (movie" Texas Chainsaw Massacre" is based on him) -
On November 17th, 1957 police arrive on Eddie Gein’s doorstep because of a murder he may have commited. He was the last person to have seen the town's hardware owner. When the police did a search of his house they could barley see anything because of the mess and filth. So walking through the house the sheriff felt something to his side, and when he looked it was a beheaded carcass. When looking around the police noticed that bowls were made from human skulls and lamp shades and the armchair cover were made from skin. To make things worse belts were made from nipples and clothes made from various parts of bodies. It is said that he started to do this because of the death of his mother, which made him extremely lonely and angry. In the late 1940’s and 1950’s the town and the towns around where Gein lived had a startling number of missing persons being reported. His trial began on November 7th, 1968. He went into a mental institution, where he remained until he died.
Albert Fish (movie "Hannibal Lector" is based on him) - Albert Fish was called many things such as Hamilton Howard, Gray Man, Werewolf of Wysteria, Brooklyn Vampire, and The Boogyman. One thing for sure was that he was a child rapist and cannibal. He told people after being convicted that he had a child in every state and that he killed and ate over 100 people. The police only knew of five, and that’s what he was convicted for. A girl by the name of Grace Budd was one of his favorites, he wrote a letter to her mother telling her what he did to her. He was sentenced to death by electric chair.  (May 19, 1870 – January 16, 1936)
David Berkowitz “Son of Sam” - David Berkowitz also known as the" Son of Sam" was a murderer in New York City in the 1970’s. His murders started after his three year enlistment into the army. He would terrorize couples by shooting at them with a 44 magnum. He mostly targeted young couples. The girls usually had dark hair. He was caught because of a parking citation he got near the crime scene and immediately confessed. He first said that he was told to kill from his dog and later said that he was possessed by a demon and asked for a priest. A priest came and did and exorcism and later on David became a prison priest. He is said that he killed six woman when he wrote letters to the police. He could have been out of jail, but decided to stay in.


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0 #3 Connie Johnson 2011-06-17 14:04
I watched the movie about the Lindbergh kidnapping. It was told that the baby was dropped as the kidnapper was coming down the ladder and this is what killed the baby.
0 #2 Pam Cummins 2011-06-14 15:45
To think that monsters such as these still exist in our world today, is chilling.
0 #1 Connie Johnson 2011-06-14 12:48
I heard that the Uncle in the Lizzy Borden murder's was the real killer. I don't know if it's the truth, but Criminologist had done an investigation (New Century style) and they all say the finger points to him. I appreciate you sharing these stories with us. I am a great fan of yours Ryan and look forward to all of your work. Thanks you.

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Interview with Lyn Buchanan

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