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"Ryan is a remarkable kid, he is good hearted and his intent to help is pure. During the taping of Psychic Kids he impressed me and the crew with one of the most remarkable psychic forms of evidence I had ever witnessed - A combination of accurate remote viewing and direct contact as a medium. It was not only remarkable, but verified a day later regarding a location he nor the crew had no way of knowing beforehand.  It was an honor to work with him and witness his work, I can only imagine what his abilities will be like years from now."

- Chris Fleming


ryan-06My name is Ryan Michaels. I am an ordinary 19 year-old. Sorry, did I say ordinary. Well, what I meant to say was almost ordinary. Since the age of ten I have been a Psychic/Medium. It all started at the age of ten when my aunt came to me in a dream saying that she was going to become deathly ill in six days and on the seventh day she was going to pass away. From then on, I have had many different experiences including the next experience.

When I was just figuring everything out about myself two spirits attached themselves to me, one being a positive spirit and the other being demonic. When talking to them, they showed themselves in different styles. The positive spirit came to me and when talking I found out that it was a female spirit and she was very depressed about something. When continuing the conversation with her she told me that she became pregnant at a very young age and her family was very religious. She told her family and they disowned her. Turning to her boyfriend, she found out that he didn't want to be with her anymore. Losing her family and her boyfriend, she had nothing left, so she committed suicide. The demonic presence that was with me I would just see a dark shadow and when I closed my eyes all I saw was a pair of big red eyes looking back at me. Not knowing what to do, I started seeing another elderly man spirit that was with me quite a lot. When talking to me he said that all I needed to do to get rid of the girl was talk to her and all I had to do to get rid of the demon was tell it to stay away, but I had to mean it. So the next time I saw the girl, I talked to her and as I did she slowly disappeared and I never saw her again. When I saw the Demon I told it to leave, yes it left and I have never saw it again either. Not knowing how the elderly man knew this, I called for him and when I was asking him questions he looked me dead in the eyes.  He said, "Ryan, you are asking me all these questions that you think you need to know, but to me the things you're asking to be known don't need to be  known." 

My response back was "OK, Mr. Unknown"

OrbEver since then I have called him Mr. Unknown and he has been with me ever since. I later on confirmed him to be my spirit guide. Mr. Unknown helps me with a lot, of different aspects of my gifts. When working with him, I am able to bring through the individuals spirit guide and describe them and tell the person I am working with about them and why they are there.

After the situation with getting rid of the two spirits that were with me my gifts hit a peak in my life, especially with having premonitions. When driving down the road, I envisioned a motorcycle accident and it was unlike any other premonition I ever had. There was so much detail to it, it blew my mind. So after seeing this happen, I decided to wait and just see what was going to happen so I could make since of everything. Well the next day I was informed of the accident at the exact location of where I saw it happen. 

The next re-memorable event that occurred in my life was finding out that my very close grandfather  (Edward D. Swope) had Alzheimer's. With finding this out, I became more aware of life and its surrounding and I realized that everything was connected, everything was one. As my grandfather began to get worse, I started being aware a lot more. When in school or out of state I would find him leaving his body and being with me. This allowed me to know when he wasn't having a good day.

One day when watching, sitting and talking to my pap I fell asleep and I found myself dreaming. In the dream I was talking to my pap, his brother and his daughter who just so happens, to be the aunt I had the premonitions about. Both my uncle and my aunt were passed away at the time of this dream. So we all were talking in the dream and then I was startled awake. Upon awakening, I found myself looking at a room consisting of my pap, aunt, and uncle. So for a couple of hours the four of us held a conversation.  

 Knickerbocker HotelI consider my life as a journey and there will always be hills and turns in the path. Although there are hills and paths on this journey I find that people and places and help you to go forth. As I was traveling on my spiritual journey I found myself at the Knickerbocker Hotel and in Lily Dale NY. Here I met various people who were an inspiration to me. I learned little by little about myself and who I was. I find that when around people who are accepting and are knowledgeable that my abilities grew and I was finding out things about myself that I would have never found out without the help of the incredible people I meant.lily-dale

Being flabbergasted with every- thing I learned and experienced in Lily Dale, I didn't think my life could get any better. I was wrong. In the summer of 2010, I got a call asking me if I emailed A&E’s Psychic Kids program (which aired on November 10th, 2010) - which I had. After telling them yes, they said that they were interested in talking to me. So after awhile of asking questions and getting to know a little bit more about my abilities, they decided that I was a candidate for the show. Still after a long few weeks of waiting patiently (not so much), A&E said that I was going to be one of the kids who were going to be featured on the show. I was amazed. So they sent someone to my house who filmed for three days and then I flew out to Rochester, NY a few weeks later. In Rochester, I got paired up with Nikki Sourant, the other psychic. We first went to the Adams Basin Inn where we met up with Psychic/Medium, Chris sany1868Fleming and Psychotherapist Edy Nathan. Nikki and I spent a lot of time with Chris Fleming while our moms spent a lot of time with Edy. After we spent a few nights investigating Adams Basin Inn, which was an amazing location, we were told that we were going to work on a missing person's case. We were told and left right after to start working on the case. We met up with Vicki who was on season two - vanished. We all worked on the Brian Sullivan case. Then we flew home and everything was different, new, like I was living a new life.

After airing on Psychic Kids, as I said, I was a different person. I didn't realize how many opportunities the show created for me. Since airing in 2010 I have been featured on Blog Talk Radio five times hosting on Paranormal Eh? And SPARES. I also have been featured through Paranormal Eh? with my own radio show that airs every so often called Inside Your Mind with Medium Ryan Michaels. On top of this I was called about being featured on an England based Television series; although, this did not go through it was still a exciting moment for me. I have worked on 34 missing person cases, worldwide, and that numberpacc grows monthly. I have given over 1300 readings and communicated with over 3,500 Spirits. I also have been quoted and my name has been used for best world prediction of the year by many people: predicting the area of the Japan Earthquake and foreseeing both nuclear power plant explosions that were included,  pinpointed the timing of Prince Henry’s wedding and Bin Ladan’s Death, and lastly the Ohio state exotic animal break and suicide - along with many other natural disasters and what not. (Insert on July, Friday the 13th) - I was in NYC in June and had the pleasure of filming for ABC's 20/20 series on Prediction which aired in October 2012! Not that going to NYC on train for the first time was exciting enough I am gladly to announce that i was also featured in Craig Howell's New Age book, 2012 Messages! Lastly, I just recently created P.A.C.C (Paranormal Association of Cambria County), aka "The Believers." This is a Paranormal Investigation group dedicated to help those in PA. 

ryan-17Recently, on October 29th, 2011 I hosted my first Paranormal Talk called Into the Paranormal with, Medium Ryan Michaels. This power point presentation was featured in Beaverdale, PA (the town I live in). W.A.S.P Paranormal Investigation Team also helped me through the talk as well. I joined W.A.S.P’s Investigation team in the summer of 2011. I talked about the spiritual side of things while they talked about the scientific side. It was quite exciting. As of now I am a world renowned Psychic/Medium and am loving helping people and hearing there stories afterward.

Yes, my life changed for the good, but it also changed for the worse. I had to go back to school and life my life as Ryan Andrew Michaels. That really wasn't what I wanted, though, because I wanted to be psychic Ryan. The boy who helped bring closure to a family in need. . So I started to give readings and do investigations on the side of school and everything else. It felt amazing to live two lives - one being a teenage boy and the other seeking family’s in need of help and doing my best to help them through their times of need. With all this coming at me so fast, I think I was okay with it. My view of life along with my philosophy changed as well.

 ryan-02I think that I am just where I need to be in life at this point - I honestly do. People are going to be wondering why I'm writing this and the point of it. Well I just feel like it was time for a change. Not many people know about my abilities and it's hard getting to know people when I know that they're not getting to know the true me. From now on when people are getting to know me, I want them to know the real me and if that means losing people that are close to me - that's ok. Another reason I am writing this is because I want other Psychic kids to know that its ok to be yourself. Plus you never know, by telling people who you really are maybe other kids near you have the same secret!

Well now that you know about me - the true me - here's a little information about how my abilities work. I have several abilities such as I’m able to channel spirits of loved ones and communicate with the deceased. When I channel I do not have to go find the spirit, they mostly come to me to communicate through me. I am able to do this any time unless I do not make a connection with the individual. When I say make a connection I mean if the individual is making me nervous, I don’t feel like they're open to it, they're making me prove something, or if blocked off, I have trouble bringing spirit through. Also with this I am able to see people's Spirit Guides and tell you why they're with you. I said “Spirit Guides” because sometimes you have more than one.

 Me- Ryan MichaelsAnother ability I have is I am highly empathic and am able to use this to pick up on other people emotions and feelings, most of the time. Since I am empathic, I am able to do psychometry. I also have premonitions, healing abilities, and also depending on the connection with the person, I’m somewhat telepathic. The last ability I am aware of is my ability to remote view. When I remote view, I meditate and leave and go someplace distant or unseen and get information and see what happened in that location. This is probably my favorite ability because it is calming I think and you get a lot of information from it. Luckily with using these various gifts, I learned to block myself off so I can keep certain energies away from me and keep some energies with me.

Well that’s me -the true me- with others knowing this I hope to be seen for who I really am and if that means losing people that are close to me I guess that’s ok because in the long run I bet I meet a lot more people. For all the people I have already met, you are the reason I am where I am. Thank you!!


“Ryan is awesome! He is not only honest, well rounded, and down to earth, but he is also greatly spiritually gifted and a fantastic writer!!”
— Para NormalPi
Writer/Medium/Consultant at Paranormal P.I.


+1 #4 Kevin Purcell 2013-08-04 16:59
Dear Ryan: Wow! I saw yesterday's 20-20 TV show. My late mother's entire family was from Beaverdale, Pennsylvania. Their surname (my mother's maiden name) was O'Donnell. They lived on Cedar Street, and I believe I recall that the house was near a bridge or a river or both. So I immediately felt a connection with you and more so as I've read your story as I still feel the spirit of of my mother's mother (my maternal grandmother, of course)in my life as she continue to help me find missing things. My wife and I are both in awe as to how many times this has happened in our lives. If you would be interested in contacting me privately at my e-mail address, I would very much like to talk to you further as I feel an affinity with you and your gift.
-2 #3 laurie hebbe 2013-08-04 02:34
just saw part of your interview on tv tonight.... please please read these two books.. The Beautiful Side of Evil by Johanna Michealson and Don Dickersons How to Keep the Pigs Out.
I believe that the spirit of the enemy are what you are working through...you do not mention God at all! Please just read the books.
+1 #2 Hope 2012-10-28 00:59
Thanks for sharing your experience and abilities. I also have had a LOT of strange premonitions and "senses" of the dead. No matter how odd it seems at the time it comes to me, later it is confirmed as the truth!! :-* And it often involves life and death issues. It does make me feel different and frankly, more religious. I believe there is good and evil and it continues on beyond this material world. But, sometimes these "insights" give you more questions than answers. I'd love to hear what your key readings are for the future. I wonder why some of us are more "tuned in"? Thanks again. ;-)
+4 #1 Kathy Caron 2011-03-20 04:36
:lol: Welcome Ryan...I had heard about you from my daughter...but now I know why you were brought into my life....I am ecstatic!!!! You are wonderfully gifted and blessed. Hope we will meet soon.

Psychic Kids Nov 28

pshchic kids tv program

I was featured on Psychic Kids Children of the Paranormal- The Lost Soul on November 28, 2010 on A&E and BIO. It was the season three finale. It was filmed in Rochester, NY. The other Psychics that filmed with me were Nikki Sourant and Vicki Franklin. The mentors were Chris Fleming and Edy Nathan.

The television series is on its third season. Currently, it will not be returning for a fourth.  If you would like to see a fourth season someday, please vote for Psychic Kids. The series really does help kids cope with there abilities and expands the way that they use them in their life as well.

I will say I enjoyed the filming and meeting a lot of great and interesting new people. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to share my experiences with others because I think it will be helpful to them.

I have been a psychic since the age of ten. Since, I joined Lily Dale's Spiritualist Church of the Living Spirit. I am also a close friend of the Knickerbockers. I am currently working on 34 missing person cases and have given over 1300 readings, parties, consultations, and advice - simply by communicating with over 3,500 Spirits. I have been featured on various Internet and Radio shows including Inside Your Mind with, Medium Ryan Michaels, my very own show. Lastly, my 2011 predictions have said to be the best predictions "seen and witnessed in ages." My 2012 Predictions are not yet uploaded on my site but in my waiting room for people to see.I also was just recently in June of 2012 filmed for 20/20 and featured in Craig Howell's book "2012 Messages." 

Interview with Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan's Interview